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The Avengers Ships: Master List

Compiled from personal observation along with this post and the responses to it. I am now convinced that this fandom has the best ship names ever.  If you know of any that you want added, fell free to message me or reblog this post. Please note that this list contains all the ship names I know! 

All the ships that involve the Avengers plus Loki and Coulson: 


  • Tony/Steve: Super Husbands, Stony, Starkers, Stark and Stripes
  • Tony/Bruce: Science Boyfriends/Husbands, Rage Against the Machine, Stanner, Brony, Trucey, Science Bros (platonic), Science Alliance (platonic)
  • Tony/Clint: Ironhawk, Hawkiron
  • Tony/Thor: Iron Thunder, Thunderiron
  • Tony/Loki: Ironfrost, Frostiron, Starki
  • Loki/Thor: Thunderfrost, Thorki
  • Loki/Natasha: Black Ice, Black Frost
  • Loki/Clint: Frosthawk, Snowbird
  • Loki/Steve: Ice Frost, Frostshield, Capslok, FrostCap
  • Loki/Bruce: Gammafrost, Green-Eyed Monster 
  • Bruce/Clint: Hulkeye, Angry Birds, Green Arrow?
  • Bruce/Thor: Thunder Science, Gamma Hammer
  • Bruce/Steve: Spangled Banner
  • Steve/Clint: Captain Hawk, American Eagle?
  • Steve/Thor: Captain Hammer, Captain Thor, American Thunder, Thundershield 
  • Natasha/Clint: Black Eye, Blackhawk, Clintasha
  • Natasha/Steve: Cap Widow, Cap Tasha, The Cold War, Stasha, Romanogers
  • Natasha/Tony: Iron Widow
  • Natasha/Thor: Thortasha, Black Lightning, Black Thunder?
  • Natasha/Coulson: Coulwhip, Black Tie
  • Natasha/Bruce: Black Hulk
  • Thor/Clint: Thunderbird?
  • Coulson/Steve: Capsicoul 
  • Coulson/Clint: Shield Husbands, Bowtie, Phlint
  • Coulson/Tony: Iron Agent, Iron Taser 
  • Coulson/Bruce: Bruson, Phanner
  • Coulson/Loki: Frosted Doughnut, Iced Coffee, Coulki
  • Coulson/Thor: Office Thunder, Thundernanny


  • Bruce/Natasha/Clint: Green-Eyed Widow
  • Bruce/Tony/Steve: Stark Spangled Banner
  • Bruce/Loki/Thor: Super Smash Brothers
  • Bruce/Tony/Loki: Gammafrostiron
  • Bruce/Tony/Clint: Technobow, Science Bow Bros
  • Bruce/Clint/Coulson: Agent Hulkeye, Smashing Bow Tie, Compound Technobow (Tony/Bruce and Clint/Hulk, or Clint/Bruce and Tony/Hulk)
  • Coulson/Natasha/Clint: Agent Clintasha
  • Coulson/Natasha/Loki (or Thor or Odin): Nat King Coul
  • Tony/Loki/Clint: Iron Hawk of Mischief 
  • Tony/Loki/Thor: Thunderfrostiron

Other (ships containing other characters from the MCU)


  • Pepper/Tony: Pepperoni, Pepperony
  • Pepper/Bruce: Green Pepper, Dr. Pepper
  • Pepper/Steve: Capsaicin 
  • Bucky/Steve: Starbucks, Stucky, Barnes and Noble, Winter Shield?
  • Bucky/Phil: Phucky, Winter Agent 
  • Natasha/Bucky: Winter Widow, Soviet Spouses
  • Natasha/Pepper: Red Pepper, Black Pepper
  • Natasha/Maria: SHIELD Wives
  • Tony/JARVIS: Cyber Husbands
  • Tony/Rhodey: Iron Husbands, Iron Bros (platonic or not)
  • Steve/Sif: Warshield 
  • Steve/Peggy: American Revolution 
  • Steve/Sam: American Airlines, Freebird
  • Sam/Clint: Falconeye, Bird Boyfriends
  • Thor/Jane: Fosterson, Thane
  • Loki/Jane: Lokane
  • Loki/Darcy: Tasertricks, Larcy
  • Loki/The Other: Monsterfrost
  • Loki/JARVIS: Cyberfrost
  • Loki/Sif: Warfrost
  • Darcy/Bruce: Electric Green
  • Darcy/Tony: Electrical Engineering 
  • Darcy/Steve: Shieldshock
  • Darcy/Clint: ShockArrow
  • Darcy/Fandral: Fancy
  • Darcy/Bucky: WinterShock
  • Johann/Loki: HYDRAFrost
  • Johann/Bucky: Jokky
  • Coulson/Fury: SHIELD Daddies
  • Coulson/JARVIS: Cyber Office


  • Pepper/Tony/Bruce: Dr. Pepperony
  • Pepper/Tony/Steve: Pepperstony, American Pepperony, Stark Spangled Day Planner
  • Pepper/Tony/Rhodey: Tony NO
  • Pepper/Tony/Loki: Peppertoki, Frosted Pepperony, Froz3npizza
  • Tony/Howard/Steve: Starks and Stripes
  • Bucky/Steve/Tony: Frosted Winter Shield, Frosted Iron Shield, Iron Winter Shield, Sgt Starkers, Sgt Stark and Stripes
  • Bucky/Steve/Sam: Winter Birds?, Soldier Boys
  • Bucky/Loki/Johann: Jolocky
  • Bucky/Loki/Thor: Thunderblizzard

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