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Tumblr Starter Kit

I have by no means been on Tumblr for a long time, but I have finally figured out some of the things I found most confusing when I first got an account. Below is a Tumblr FAQ of sorts because the Tumblr help system is not great. Topics include: 

  • How to make a page that contains specific content
  • Searching for tags
  • Tags in general
  • Adding pages
  • Gifs
  • Photos
  • "Read More"
  • Replies and Asks
  • Account preferences
  • What Tumblr Savior, XKit, and Missing e are

And more. I hope this is helpful!


Tags serve three functions: 

  1. They tell you what someone thinks a post is about (and often give you some of their commentary). 
  2. They can be used to search for a single topic on your blog. 
  3. They can be used to search for a single topic on Tumblr. 

Keep in mind that the tags you use for a post can be used to search for that post on Tumblr, so don’t tag a photo your cat named Mouse as “mouse” unless you want to upset the people who frequent the “mouse” tag.

You can track tags once you search for them by clicking “track” next to them in the search bar. You can then see them by clicking “new” in the search bar at the top of Tumblr. 

Why tag things with warnings or “nsfw”? See “Tumblr Savior” in the last section. 

How can I read all the tags on a post on my Dashboard? They’re so long I can’t see all of them. 

  • With the update, you can no longer drag tags to see them. Open the post in a new tab and hope you can read the tabs in the person’s blog, or install XKit or Missing e (see last section).

How can I copy other people’s tags and put them in the text of a post I want to reblog?

  • Double-click on the white space to the left or right side of the tags and it should select them all. (Clicking and dragging doesn’t work if they’re too long for you to see all of them at once.) Then copy and paste. 

How can I search for tags within someone’s blog? 

  • Type “titleoftheblog.tumblr.com/tagged/tag" in the URL bar (replace italics with your own requirements). 

This is one of the most useful things to know on Tumblr. Using this, you can create a Page which only contains posts that share a tag. 

  • Edit: Also found out from justjasper’s post that typing: tumblr.com/tagged/tag?from_tag=tag will allow you to search for a tag within a tag (the example they used was: http://www.tumblr.com/tagged/kittens?from_tag=photography)
  • And you can find out what someone (or you) posted on a certain day by using “[title of the blog].tumblr.com/day/[year]/[month]/[day]”.


To add a Page to your Tumblr (a link that shows up on your blog), click on the gear at the top of the screen and select the name of the blog you want to edit. Select “Customize” below “Theme.” Scroll down to where it says “Pages” and then select “+ Add a page.” Look at the top of the pop-up window and note where it says “Standard Layout.” This kind of page is part of your blog and has content that you can edit anytime by coming back to same place and selecting “Edit.” 

If you want to add a page that shows all your posts that share a tag, selected “Redirect” instead and use the URL (titleofyourblog.tumblr.com/tagged/tag) noted above. Also use “Redirect” to link to other accounts you have on other sites, etc. 

Replies and Asks

How do I reply to a post? Why isn’t there always a reply option? 

  • You can reply by reblogging it. The speech bubble icon that lets you reply only shows up if (a) the person has it enabled and (b) if you’ve been following them for more than two weeks (usually). 

Can I reply to a reply that someone left me on a post? 

  • No. This is one of those things about Tumblr that doesn’t make sense. Copy the text into a post, reply there, and hope that they’ll see it, or get XKIt or Missing e (see last section). 

How do I tag asks? 

  • You can only tag them once you reply to them publicly. Edit the post once you’ve posted it and tag it then. 

The ask disappeared from my inbox when I replied to it. 

  • They do that. 

Why do some people have a little ask box that shows up below their post when they want to ask a question? 

  • If you end a post with a question mark (without a space after it), the option shows up in the side of the post to “Let people answer this.” Check the box. 

Photos and GIFs

To insert photos into a text post, click the camera icon. If the image you want to use is online, you have to first save the image to your computer and then upload it from there. This shows the photo directly in your post, as opposed to making a photo post, which always displays the images at the top. 

To add a photo into the body (text part) of a photo post, click the camera icon. Here, the photo has to be online for you to use it. Open the image in a separate tab or window and copy the link. 

Etiquette-wise, it’s generally okay to borrow reaction gifs without crediting the creator. Just don’t repost them and claim them as your own. 

Read More

To add a “Read More” to a post format (like a photo post) that won’t let you, see this post


If you want to open a post on your dash by itself, click the upper right-hand corner where it “folds over” when you mouse over it. You can unlike things by clicking the heart a second time. 

Account Preferences

Tumblr has consolidated them into that gear icon at the top of the page.

Tumblr Savior, XKit, and Missing e

Tumblr Savior is an outside plugin (not created by Tumblr) that allows you to hide things on your dashboard you don’t necessarily want to see. You install it in your browser and “blacklist” what you want to hide. Tumblr Savior will hide anything on your dash containing those keywords (whether they are tags or in the body of the post), and when you scroll past it you will be given the option to display the post anyway. Useful for hiding nsfw images (if people tag them) and all those posts of that one celebrity you hate. When installed, you will see an icon like this (I use Safari): 


Missing e is also a non-Tumblr plugin you install into your browser. It gives you a lot of options to customize how Tumblr works, and lets you do things you can’t otherwise do. You’ll frequently find yourself asking, “But I can usually do that. Why not now?” That’s kind of how Tumblr works. You can’t always do a “Read More.” You can’t reblog yourself - sort of. Missing e pretty much exists to make those things possible. A list of features is here

Tumblr user unprofessionally has also created something specifically to let you see all tags in a post at once called #wrap, and you can find it here

XKit is also a non-Tumblr plugin. When installed, it adds an icon to your dashboard, not your browser. It is available for all browsers and is similar to Missing e. One of its add-ons is similar to Tumblr Savior. 

If there’s anything else you want to see on here, you have any more questions, or I got something wrong, let me know! Check out the “tumblr help” tag too in case someone else has the same question, or that question mark in the upper right hand corner of Tumblr for the official help desk. I hope this helped. :)

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