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Alfred finished his second pack of gum before turning toward Arthur. For a moment, his lips parted, but no words came out.
Arthur pulled off his headphones, “What?”
“I’m not gonna repeat it.”
“Come on, what did you say?”
“No,” Alfred insisted and blew a bubble. When it popped, he said, “If you didn’t hear me the first time, you didn’t care enough to hear it at all.”
“That’s stupid. You could see I was listening to music.”
“Not my problem.”
“Whatever.” Arthur shook his head and put the headphones back on. He scrolled for another playlist.
Alfred waved at him and opened his mouth again, pretending to speak while saying nothing.
“My music’s not on yet,” Arthur said and cocked his head.
Alfred snapped his mouth shut.
“I did say something before,” Alfred insisted.
“I’m sure you did.”
“I really did!”
As music filled Arthur’s ears, Alfred thought, what if I did? What if I did say something, like admitted how I feel like a failure every day, or how I couldn’t get out of bed in seventh grade not because I hated school but because I hated myself, or what if I told you I think you’re the one reason I got better. The one reason I feel fine.
What if I said all that and you didn’t hear.
Alfred turned back toward the window and watched the yard. “I love you,” he spoke to the air. And Arthur didn’t question him through the loudness of his music.
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Couldn’t sleep any longer so I watched Pacific Rim again.

I kinda have the feeling that Hermann and Newt are really good friends and all the bickering we see is just their way to discuss things. There is so much love and understanding between these two so I’m quite sure that they are really close and probably have a lot of quiet and nice times together. Like, eating breakfast and watching movies, maybe even listening to music or going out.

Haven’t watched it in english yet but the german dub makes it quite clear because they call each other “du” which is a very personal way to address someone here in Germany. You don’t do that to people you can’t stand or don’t really like, it’s something you only say to friends/family/people who are close to you.
Now I’m in need of a “actual best friends” fanfiction because there seem to be none (or I just can’t find it, who knows).

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Don’t wait. Writers are the only artists I know of who expect to get somewhere by waiting. Everyone knows you have to dance to be a dancer, you have to sing to be a singer, you have to act to be an actor, but far too many people seem to believe that you. don’t have to write to be a writer. So, instead of writing, they wait. Isaac Asimov said it beautifully in just six words: “It’s the writing that teaches you.” Writing is what teaches you. Writing is what leads to “inspiration.” Writing is what generates ideas. Nothing else-and nothing less. Don’t meditate, don’t do yoga, don’t do drugs. Just write.
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Anonymous asked: out of sheer curiosity (and partially driven by my pre-renaissance art history courses) i want to know your opinion cause everything i read on alexander makes him sound really uh. partial to hephaestion. is this a case of historians shipping it or is history just way gayer than i was led to believe



short answer?

history is hella gay.

long answer?

social institution of homosexuality and achilles+patroclus below the cut.

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